Free Comic Book Day!

116109_456783_12Halloo! It’s Saturday! The day you’ve all been waiting for! The day the winners of the Flash Fiction Contest are posted! Well, guess what?

The deadline got extended. Sorry to disappoint. The winners will be posted sometime tomorrow, when I’ve picked one out. At the moment I haven’t. At the moment the contest hasn’t even happened. This post is brought to you via cyberspace time travel. These words are voices speaking to you from the past.

So what is going on today? Well, I already told you! It’s free comic book day! So what is free comic book day? FCBD (that’s just too long to keep repeating like some poorly written commercial) is a day when comic stores are encouraged to give away free comics to the public. The idea is to increase interest in comic books as a genre, spread awareness, and introduce kids to the medium, etc. FCBD is usually celebrated in real space, by retailers, but I like the idea, and besides, this is superhero week, and what are most comic books about?

(If you answered “Superheroes” you get a gold star. If you answered anything else then go away, I don’t want to talk to you.)

So I’m not actually giving away any comic books. Sorry. I have a good reason for this–I don’t have any comics. But what I do have is superhero fiction–and lots of it. And since the spirit of this week is to encourage more awareness of the superhero genre, and since FCBD is to encourage awareness of comic books, and because they’re kind of the same genre…

wannabe1 copyI’m going to give away free superhero fiction. (Does that make this Free Superhero Book Day instead? You smart alecs can answer that one.) I have a brand new, never before seen Supervillain of the Day short story that I wrote especially for your special people. No comments required, no convoluted secret missions, no email addresses, nothing. Just download it in your preferred format using the links below.

So you Wanna Be A Hero – epub
So you Wanna Be A Hero – mobi
So you Wanna Be A Hero – pdf

(I was wondering when you were going to bring up your own books, I hear you say. I knew you couldn’t resist the temptation to promote your own work!)

Just for that you’re going to have to read what the story is about.

Something monstrous is haunting the ruins of Tower Bridge, threatening its reconstruction. It’s up to you to stop it, but you’ve walked this road before, and you’re not ready to face those demons again. But that’s what heroes do, or so you’re told, so you find yourself diving into the fray once again. Do you have what it takes to set aside your personal fears and save the world–again?

Intrigued? Good. Now for the popularly asked questions:

Yes, it is on Goodreads.

Yes, it is available on Amazon.

No, it’s not free on Amazon. I’m offering it for free to you folks here first, because you’re special and I like you. (Except for you, the smart one in the back rolling your eyes. I’ve got my eye on you.)

Yes, you can read it if you’re new to the series. You might not pick up on subtle references, but there aren’t any huge spoilers.

Secondly, (no, we’re not done yet, sit back down!) I made a survey. I make these after every event, and I read the answers religiously, and I take everyone’s opinions into consideration when planning the next event. Our main blog-a-thon is coming up in just a few months, so if there’s something you’d especially like us to do, someone to interview, or something you didn’t like, please, please let us know. I love author/topic suggestions. I will read it. I will consider it. I might even act upon it.

So go fill out the survey while you’re waiting for your contest results. You will win many merit points. And just in case the idea of future, even more awesome events isn’t enough to motivate you, I’m hosting one, final giveaway. To two (2) survey respondents I will mail one (1) Supervillain of the Day poster. The survey will ask you for a mailing address. You need to provide it, or you won’t be entered into the drawing. I will not be announcing winners, because I won’t know who you are. I will just put everyone into a hat, pull out two addresses, and put two posters in the mail. If one comes to you–congratulations! You won! If nothing shows up, then you didn’t win. But you didn’t lose either, because it’s a giveaway, not a joust. After prizes are mailed I promise I will never mail you anything else, nor look at your address, nor sell your address into slavery, nor hold your address hostage, nor commit any other nefarious deed against your mailing address. If you still aren’t reassured, well, don’t give me your address and don’t win a prize. It’s all up to you.

Unlike the rest of the giveaways, the survey is open to absolutely everyone. People who wrote for the blog, authors who were interviewed, everyone. There are no restrictions. No one cares if you’re a hero or a villain or a dog. I want to hear from anyone who has comments.

And that’s all for now! Coming up in a few hours–More Giveaway Results.

Keep watching.

And go fill out that over-hyped survey.

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