What is Vaguely Circular?

This is a blog for writers, by writers.

We believe that uniqueness is the key to a masterpiece. What makes you different? What makes your novel different? For that matter, what keeps your main characters up at night worrying that they’re different?

We believe perfection is overrated. We believe formulas and equations don’t result in success.

We are the red light bulb in a string of white Christmas lights, the random asteroid in a list of planets, the almosts, not-quites, and maybes.

In the tradition of Arthur’s knights of old, we speak to you from around a table that is almost, but not quite, round.

We are Vaguely Circular.

The Contributors

Vaguely Circular is a group blog maintained by several regular contributors and a plethora of guest posts. If you’d like to be a guest author please click here. If you want to know more about the regulars then keep reading.

Katie Lynn DanielsKatie Lynn Daniels is the author of the series “Supervillain of the Day” when she’s not masquerading as a harpist, composer, or Subway Sandwich artist. Her favorite movie is “Megamind,” her favorite book is “The Riddlemaster of Hed” and her favorite superhero is Spiderman. She loves unique fantasy, classic science fiction, and anything that makes her laugh. The most unique thing she’s ever read is “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson and “Daily Odd Compliments” by Logan Rhoades.




Joel A. ParisiJoel A. Parisi is the author of “S.H.R.A.I.D” a science fiction military series based on “Supervillain of the Day.” He also designs his own book covers whenever possible (not that he doesn’t appreciate graphic artists, he just tends to be cheap). He began writing at the age of twelve, and has never stopped. Over the past four years, he has developed an intricate alternate world of allegory, high fantasy and science fiction with three distinct languages and a history spanning 7,800 years; it is this world in which he most commonly writes (i.e. SHRAID is just a hobby).


Alex's Headshot
Alex Costello born and bred Colorado girl who hates writing about herself. She’s currently driving around the country in a full-time band, a pen in hand and characters who won’t leave her alone. She’s a Christian, a reader, a chocolate lover, and a traveller. She loves cats and turning her hair purple. When not writing or playing music, she can be found poking her nose into graphic and web design, watching animé and Doctor Who, and wasting far too much time on Tumblr. Twitter: @TheWaywardAlex


Jordan Author Profile 2014Jordan Smith is a storyteller who generally works in the realm of film, though he often branches out into other forms of narrative fiction. He’s always picking stories apart to see what makes them tick. He is the author of Finding the Core of Your Story and the producer/director of the Month of the Novel web series. You can find him on Twitter @malfhok




bioshotJasmine Ruigrok, aka “BushMaid”, is our in-house designer, and made all the pretty graphics you see on this website. She considers herself a Jack of all trades, but mainly a Jesus-follower. An occasional writer, passionate musician and obsessive digital artist, she works and plays from her home in Australia amongst a houseful of rambunctious siblings. She loves good music, vanilla lattes, simplistic art and real people, usually combining all four when it comes to running a graphic design business from her blog. When she isn’t designing, she can be found reading, writing music, or quoting movies with her family. You can find her on G+: +BushMaid