Imagine This!

What is Imagine This? Imagine This is a celebration of creativity, a gathering of new ideas, thoughts, and processes, a series of guest posts by authors collected from all over the world wide web to share their insights and encouragements with you. Check out the schedule below and don’t miss a single post!

July 1—What is Imagination?–Katie Lynn Daniels
July 2–Ideas are Adventures—Elisabeth Grace Foley
July 3–How to play with Fire—Rebekah Shafer
July 4–Creativity, Inc.—Jordan Smith
July 5—Finding Your Voice–Logan Rhoades

July 6—Interview with Robert Mullin—Joel A. Parisi
July 7—Prompt Your Plot—Elizabeth Kirkwood
July 8—Think Outside the Box—Mirriam Neal
July 9–MacGyver Your Writing—Ryan Dunlap
July 10–The Science in Science Fiction—J. Grace Pennington
July 11–Mystify—Stephanie Hodgson
July 12—On Collaboration–’Manda Whitney

July 13—Interview with Simon Morden—Katie Lynn Daniels
July 14–-Laws of Fantasy—Alex Costello
July 15–-Crafting Unique Magic–Joel A. Parisi
July 16—Reworking Clichés—Kendra Ardnek
July 17—Nonsense Fiction—Jesse Rice
July 18—Into Darkness—Jeremiah Stiles
July 19—Make it What you Like–Jordan Smith

July 20—Interview with Coleman Luck—Aubrey Hansen
July 21–Good Intentions, Evil Deeds–Olivia C
July 22–Prophets of Science Fiction—Sarah Sanborn
July 23—You Must Be Dreaming—E. Kaiser Writes
July 24—Scheduled Creativity—Elizabeth Clemons
July 25—Looking at the Forest–Alex Costello
July 26—A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture—Matthew Sample II

July 27—Interview with You—Katie Lynn Daniels
July 28–Aesthetics of Technology—Leonid Korogodski
July 29–Detectives Wanted–Kaleb Kramer

July 31–In Conclusion–Katie Lynn Daniels

Contributors (in no particular order):

Elisabeth Grace Foley
Ryan Dunlap
Leonid Korogodski
Logan Rhoades
Jordan Smith
J. Grace Pennington
Aubrey Hansen
Elizabeth Kirkwood
Rebekah Shafer
Stephanie Hodgeson
‘Manda Whitney
Alex Costello
Simon Morden
Kendra Ardnek
Jesse Rice
Jeremiah Stiles
Olivia C.
Sarah Sanborn
Matthew Sample
E. Kaiser Writes
Kaleb Kramer


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