Weekly Write-Up #4

I was out of town last weekend, which resulted in skipping a week of Internet Awesomeness. Not to worry–we’ve got a double dose today!

Cold Enough For Ya?

The ice and snow is breaking records globally, but if you think you’ve got it bad then take a look at this salt-water slushy trying to pass itself off as the ocean in Nantucket. This is from last week, so you’ve probably seen it, but if not it’s definitely something worth looking at just for the surrealism.

The Colour Blue

No, this isn’t about that stupid dress. Historically, many ancient cultures have had no word for blue. This has lead scholars to question–did blue not used to exist? Or did it exist, and we simply couldn’t see it? If you don’t have a word for something, is it really there?

Urban Decay Photography

For those who love urban photography, a stunning video from author Ransom Riggs gives us a privileged glimpse into the abandoned castle and ch√Ęteaus of Europe. And if video isn’t really your thing, you can browse the flickr account of the Dutch photographer he worked with.

Everything is Awesome

Also a little dated by internet standards, but the most awesome song in the world just got awesomer when they performed at the Academy Awards two weeks ago. Sadly they did not win Best Original Song, and that lack of nomination in the Best Animated Picture still stings, but

The Rise and Fall of Tesla

And finally, a little magic storytelling for you. From TED comes this stunning video of Marco Tempest telling the story of Nikola Tesla, using a pop up book and projection mapping. It’s breathtaking, thought provoking, and the prettiest thing I’ve seen on the internet all week.

What about you? Seen any cool stuff lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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