The Best of Brian Rathbone's Twitter

So there’s this author on Twitter. His name is Brian Rathbone, and he writes fantasy, and he likes dragons a lot. Like, maybe a little too much. From what I can tell he has at least half a dozen as pets. Or maybe they keep him as a pet. Maybe he actually does all his writing from the heart of a dragon’s lair, and the dragon keeps him around as a curiosity to show off when other dragons come visiting.

“And here we have a specimen of the human species Writer. As far as we’ve been able to observe, their personality traits include a lot of muttering to themselves, and consuming enough tea to justify their own import business.”

If you aren’t already following Brian, then you should do so immediately. In a world consumed by negativity and fear, his tweets are a breath of fresh air and a reminder that you shouldn’t take life–or yourself–too seriously. Here are some of the highlights of his Twitter feed that are guaranteed to have you rolling in your seats with laughters, or perhaps searching out a dragon of your own to live with.


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Of course, not all Brian’s tweets are about dragons. He posts some really inspirational stuff about writing, and sticking with it even when it’s hard, and not judging other people. This blog post is already long enough, though, so if you want to see those then you’ll just have to head on over to his profile and read it for yourself.


I hereby attest that this post was envisioned and created entirely by myself, and I was not threatened or coerced in any manner. I most certainly wasn’t paid a visit by a dragon threatening to burn my house down, and there’s definitely not one here now breathing down my neck as I write this. Such a thing never happened, I assure you.

Please also note that I have not actually read any of Brian Rathbone’s novels. This is somewhat of a travesty given that he gives away the first one for free. If you read it before I do then you win all the cookies.*

*No actual cookies will be awarded

All tweets posted with permission:


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