Weekly Wrap-Up #6–Musical Edition

Hello everybody! Today I am at TEDxNashville, so this is going to be short and sweet. The internet’s been surprisingly quiet lately, but I’ve got some cool music referrals for you.

Extreme Music

I haven’t played around with this much, but the theory is that you can go through and listen to music by mood and keyword and so forth. If you’re the kind of writer who writes to music then you know what that means—AWESOME.

Tam Lin

There’s never been a decent recorded version of this famous Child Ballad…until now. I love this ballad and I’m delighted that I can finally listen to it instead of just reading through the five original versions. (Pssst–for more information on the ballad and the various versions, see the Wikipedia article.)


Of all Dvorak’s operas, Rusulka is most well known. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t languish in obscurity, however. Ten years ago a recording could’t be had for love or money–now you can find the full thing on Youtube. I’ve listened to about half of it, and it’s amazing. Check it out now!


Okay, this isn’t music, but we had to share. It’s a website for watching free documentaries. We haven’t watched any of them ourselves, but they look pretty good. This is a great resource for, er, everyone! Go check it out!

Honorable Mention

One more and then we’re done, I promise. You know about the New Horizon’s Probe that’s going to Pluto, right? Right? Well, here’s a video tribute to it that’s masterfully done, and gets you even more excited about New Horizons the you already were. Just to give you an overview–New Horizons is going to send us the first ever photographs of Pluto. It’s going to collect data on the coldest objects in space. It carries part of the remains of Clyde Tombaugh aboard, the guy who discovered Pluto. There is new stuff in space we haven’t seen yet! Get all excited!

Well, that’s all for this week! What cool stuff have you seen around the internet?

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