Weekly Write-Up #5

It’s Saturday again! And as we like to do on Saturdays, here’s a round-up of the cool stuff from around the internet.

The World’s Deepest Hole

This hole has been around for decades, but it’s recently gained some new attention, probably because some blogger was bored and needed something new to write about. But it’s age does not diminish it’s utter coolness, and the plot bunnies flock when coolness is present.

World’s Rarest Gemstones

Diamonds are cheaply and easily manufactured now, so where does a science fiction enthusiast look for the currency of the future? This article lists ten gemstones which are rarer and more valuable then diamonds, and they’re unusual enough to spark all kinds of cool ideas centred around them.

The Secret to Killing It on Page One

Hey, look! I’m linking to an article about writing on a blog about writing! Never thought that would happen, did you? If you have trouble with story openings (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) this article gives a clear and understandable explanation of what readers want out of you, and how to meet those expectations. A must-read for beginning authors, and a good refresher for everyone who thinks they know what they’re doing, but isn’t quite sure.

Every Alien Theory Ever

Are there alien life forms out there? If there aren’t, why aren’t there? If there are, then why haven’t they contacted us? In one Cracked article, find every single theory and speculation about alien life forms that have ever been hypothesized.

Pi_pumpkin_pie,_January_2008Pi Day!

And finally, don’t forget that today is Pi day! (Today’s date is 3.14.15. The number Pi is 3.14159265…etc.) It’s especially cool because it’s the year 2015, the last two digits of which are the next two digits of pi! Yes, this is a geek thing. It’s the 21st century. We’re all geeks. To celebrate you can make pie, memorize the first seventeen digits or so of pi, listen to musical compositions based on pi, or just plain annoy all your friends both on social media and in real life by carrying on about how much you know about mathematics. You can get more ideas about celebrating Pi Day as well as all kinds of cool information about the event at the official website http://www.piday.org.

So what have you been up to this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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