Weekly Write-Up #11–Space, Technology, Oceans, and more Space

Welcome back to Vaguely Circular’s Weekly Wrap-up: Your guide to cool stuff around the internet! This week is heavy on the science side, so it’s a good thing that science is cool!

Create Your Own 3D Printer

3D printing is the beginning of Star Trek replicators, and practically every day they’re making new breakthroughs. Now some university students have figured out how to create models and even chess sets using nothing but a laptop computer and some power point slides.

Underground Oceans

At the Earth’s Core did it. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth did it. Now scientists have evidence that they aren’t that far-fetched. Here is a list of oceans located under the Earth’s crust.

Fly By Light

We’ve read about solar sailers in our science fiction for years, but only recently have they become reality. This past Wednesday, in fact. Read more about LightSail here–a citizen funded space project organized by the planetary society. And speaking of space…

How Many People are in Space Right Now?

One of the best question/answer sites out there. And if you have an iPhone, there’s even an app!

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