Avast! Talk Like a Pirate or Walk Yonder Plank!

Pirate_Flag_by_mudisoftAvast, me hearties! What sort o’ nefarious mischief be ye up to today? What, don’t ye know? Tomorrow be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! It be time to get out yer pirate garb and brush up on that salty language you know you want to use, but never have an excuse fer!

It come to mind that some o’ ye landlubbers are not familiar with the ways o’ the sea. No fear–we’ll educate you…or ye’ll walk the plank! The first thing to remember is that pirates show no mercy. If other common landlubbers like not your manner o’ speech then give them a hearty “arrrr” and take no more notice than a ship takes of passing fishies.

Unless those fishes be giant killer whales. Then take ye notice or lose yer hand!

Now then: here be the home port of the official holiday! It be full o’ useful resources, such as how Talk Like a Pirate Day got started, why, and by whom! It also has many useful guides on how to talk like a pirate.

But flappin yer jaw ain’t all ye can do to buckle yer swash! Here be some suggestion o’ ways to celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day:

Write a story about pirates
Write pirates into yer WIP
Dress like a pirate
Talk like a pirate
Make Pirate Art
Buy a pirate book
Find some wee laddies and lassies and tell them aboot this holiday. Share the results.
Watch a Pirate Movie
Throw a Pirate Party
Wear More Belts than necessary

Of course, this be nearly the tip o’ the iceberg of celebratory activities! Be sure to come up with your own and let us know! We love to give a bellow to fellow pirates! And be sure to email us pictures or samples of yer seafaring activities at vaguelycircular@gmail.com and we’ll be sharing our favorites on Ye Olde Facebook!


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