Weekly Wrap-Up #12

It’s been two weeks since we’ve had one of these, but what an awesome interlude it’s been! Now that all the excitement is over it’s time to get back to our usual line-up of extremely cool stuff from around the internet.

Atlas Obscura

If you like to subscribe to websites that do nothing but post articles of really cool stuff ot look at and appreciate than you need look no further than Atlas Obscura. As the title suggests, this site talks about obscure things from around the globe. The focus appears to be on archaeological and obscure historical finds but they also include the random odd-ball articles like this one on building bats houses. Our favourite article of the week, however, is this beautiful piece on historical dovecotes throughout Europe.

Myst Comes to Hulu

The amazing game series Myst (and my favorite thing in the whole wide world) is being adapted into a TV series by Legendary and Hulu!

Music from Outer Space

Somewhere I dropped the ball, and failed to be made aware of the fact that Chris Hadfield has written original music about the ISS. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful song–you can listen to the original here, or a cover by the wildly talented Heather Dale here.

Super Computers Illustrated

This article is a must-read for anyone who has ever used or considered writing about a computer. It’s heavily visual, making it easy to read and also putting into perspective the history of computing, and the dramatic changes in computers, projecting those changes into the future.

When Extraterrestrials Start Blogging…

This is a fairly new blog, apparently being written by an alien from outer space, chronicling experiences here on Earth. Specifically, in this case, experiences at college.

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