The Adventures of Penstroke (And Giveaway Winners!)

Remember how I said I had a surprise for you? This is the surprise. With the help of a friend, we’ve created a superhero just for you–the writers of the world. Is the pen really mightier than the sword? Read on to find out!

The Adventures of Penstroke: Chapter 1

PennyIt was a beautiful day outside. Penny stared out the window and wondered why it always seemed to be exceptionally nice outside on the days that she was stuck inside. Not that she was stuck, exactly. But her novel was stuck, and she’d made herself a promise to finish this chapter before doing anything else. With a sigh she forced herself to turn away from the window and focus on the words in front of her.

Suddenly there was a shriek of brakes, and the subway came to a violent stop in the middle of the tunnel. The lights flickered and went out. Panic ensued. “Everyone stay calm!” a well-known voice shouted. It was Mr. Awesome! Everyone cheered. They were saved!

“Penny, could you come set the table?”

Penny looked up from her writing, surprised to see it was almost dinner time. She set her notebook and pen carefully on the corner table and went into the kitchen to raid the silverware drawer.

“This just in from down-town Manhatten where a subway train has been trapped for two hours after the power suddenly cut out, including all the generators. The cause of the power outage is still being investigated. Fortunately no one was hurt during the incident, although many credit the prevention of wide-spread panic to a remarkably calm individual they are referring to as Mr. Awesome.”

“Penny, is everything all right?”

Penny realized she was standing stock-still with her mouth hanging open, staring at the small television set her mom let run while she was cooking.

“N-nothing,” she stammered. “I mean, yes. I’m fine. I’ll be right back.”

She dashed back to the living room and scrutinized her notebook. The words were still there, describing exactly what had just happened on TV! Taking a deep breath she picked up her pen, and flipped to a new page.

“The fork was just like any ordinary fork,” she wrote. “Except that it had the words ‘Created by Penny” stamped across the back of it.”

She thought for a moment and then wrote: “The fork was located in the silverware drawer of the Smithstroke family.”

Then she shut the notebook and ran excitedly back to the kitchen. She opened the drawer and looked at all the forks. Right on top was one that looked newer and shinier than the rest. She picked it up and turned it over. Right on the back were the words: “Created by Penny.” She was so excited she almost dropped it!

“Are you sure everything is all right?” Her mother asked again. “You’re acting in a most peculiar way.”

“Everything’s great!” Penny said, a grin spreading across her face. It worked! It really worked! She could write things into existence!

PenstrokeShe could hardly wait for dinner to be over. When she was finally excused she grabbed her notebook and pen off the corner table and fled up to her room. If she had superpowers it was time to have a costume to go with it! She tried a bunch of different designs, writing and erasing. She wanted her new outfit to be perfect! Finally she settled on a pair of practical leggings and a knee-length dress with a large P on it. Now all she needed was a superhero name!

“My name is Penny,” she thought, “And I write with a pen. So it should start with Pen. But that’s too boring by itself…Pen-fighter, Pencil, haha, no, that’s not a name…Pen–stroke! As in “With the stroke of a pen!”

Penny was very pleased with herself. With her new name, new powers, and new costume she was ready to save the world!

About the Artist

Nan D. Plume paints imaginatively in rural Illinois.  She has no superpowers except the ability to create worlds that never existed before.  Her sister has cats, but she doesn’t.

Giveaway Winners!

And the winners for Tuesday’s giveaway are…everybody! Since I had a total of two entries for two books I’m not going to have a drawing, you’ll each get one. Who gets which? That’s a surprise! Please send me your email addresses and we’ll get your prizes to you ASAP.

Missed both giveaways so far? Feel sad? Fear not! There’s another one today! And if the books so far intrigued you, please, please support the authors and go check them out on Amazon!

And be sure to come back tomorrow for Marvel Celebration Day!

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