Superhero Week–Writing Contest!

DEADLINE EXTENSION: The deadline for submissions has been extended to midnight Saturday, May 2nd. This makes more sense anyway, since students/professionals will have at least one full free day to work on. Judging will then take place on Sunday, with winners announced Sunday evening.

Welcome to Superhero Week! We’ve got awesome things going on all week, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure you come back later today to see our interview with R.J. Ross but in the meantime…Here it is! The much anticipated flash fiction event! Since this is a flash event, obviously we needed a flash fiction contest! So here are the rules! The rules are simple! There are three of them:

supermanreturnsdailyplanetcover1. It must be under 1,000 words. One thousand words, in a 12 point font, is about one page, and that’s what we decided we’re good on reading a bunch of on short notice.

2. It must meet the theme. The theme is superheroes, but be as creative with it as you like! There are no requirements that it has to include heroes–feel free to write about supervillains! Any interpretation is welcome. Any form of words is welcome, from poetry to word art.

3. It must be submitted by midnight, local time, on May 1st. Local time because I’m not going to stay up to close submissions so basically, have it in by whatever time I get out of bed Saturday morning to review.

Bonus Entries!

Don’t want to write something? Feel you don’t stand a chance against other, more accomplished authors? Feel free to submit a visual submission instead! We will accept drawings, photographs, and manipulations in one of the two categories.


There will be two winners selected. One will be chosen by a panel of currently undisclosed judges from the written submissions, based on technical excellence, compelling characters, how well it meets the theme, etc, etc, blah, blah. If you’ve entered contests before you know how these things go. If you haven’t entered contests before, you’re about to find out how these things go.*

The second winner will be randomly drawn from a pool of all the entries. This is what we call a participation prize, because we want everyone to have fun, not just serious competitors! We will publish our favorite entries over the course of the rest of May, and we encourage everyone to share their pieces on our Facebook page once the event is over.

*In the spirit of Vaguely Circular, we want to encourage everyone to participate, do their best, and shine like a star. Therefore I will provide personal, positive feedback on every story submitted. You may not get your feedback first thing Sunday morning, but I’ll try to email all of you within the week. So send in those stories!

How to Enter

Email your submission to Be sure to include “Flash Contest” in the subject line so we know what it’s about! Also include your name and a little bit about you. And be sure to check your email on Saturday!


AVENGERS_RGB_IRONMAN_01_WebsiteIt’s not a contest without prizes, eh? The winner of the judged contest will receive a gift card to Fandango–good for the purchase of two tickets to Avengers: Age of Ultron. While we aren’t going to attach any strings with the gift, we would love to hear what you thought of the film!

The winner of the drawing will receive their pick of one of the ebooks on our Super Powered Bookshelf, or a $10 gift card to Comixology!

Questions and Answers

These questions have been copied from Facebook and answered here, in case anyone else is wondering. Have a question not on the list? Ask them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner!

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. Nope! Anyone of any age can enter. Presumably you have an email address and can go to the movies, or are acting with the assistance of a parent who has an email address and will drive you to the movie.

Q. Can I submit more than one entry?

A. Some contests allow multiple entries. This is not one of those contests. One entry per participant, just to keep things fair. If you’ve written more than one story then send us the one you like best. After the contest is over feel free to show us the second one if you’d like feedback, or to have it considered in the showcase during May!


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