Weekly Write-up #3

Happy Saturday! What are yours plans this weekend? Have you read any good books lately? Seen any amazing blog posts? Tell us all about them in the comments! Meanwhile, here’s some cool stuff from around the world wide web that we thought you might like to hear about.

Jewellery is Art Too

French jewellers Van Cleef and Arpel is the company responsible for creating one of the most gorgeous watches to ever capture the imagination of the social media masses. But they also have a youtube channel, giving details on their jewellery making activities, classes about jewellery, and even talking about historical pieces of jewellery. Watch them and become a wise, learned person.

How To Be A Professional

Most of you probably already know most of this, but professionalism has been making the rounds again. Here’s some articles we found that give examples of what to do and not to do if you want your readers and friends take you seriously.

First there’s the Independent Authors Professionalism Manifesto from fixmystory.com. It’s a little old, but basically timeless. Then there’s 10 Writers Who Took Themselves Way Too Seriously from Listverse. You may have seen some of these incidents played out live on Twitter, but it’s a good compliation of some classic how-not-to-behave incidents to laugh over and learn from. From Teddi Deppner comes How to Make a Bad Impression as an Author which includes some more donts that focus on marketing and twitter etiquette.

Genetically Engineered Animals

In Utah they’ve genetically engineered goats with a spider gene, so that they can spin spider silk from their milk. No joke. If that doesn’t give you ideas for a bizarre scifi short story then nothing will.

Care and Feeding of Writers

Writers (and all artists!) are delicate creatures. This comic depicts them in a gentle and realistic way that is sure to bring a smile to you day.

What’s Up?

What cool stuff have you seen around the internet this week? Any revolutionary blog posts or exciting resources? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Katie! Enjoyed following some of these links to more fun reading. “On the Care and Feeding of Writers” was super cute.

    Looking forward to staying in touch. You’ve got a good blog going here!

    P.S. My last name has two ‘p’s. Thanks! 🙂