Weekly Writerly Wrap-up

It’s time for a weekly writerly wrap-up! This is the part of the week where I share all the cool stuff I’ve seen around the internet so you can see it too. Feel free to share your own stuff in the comments below or, if you do your own blogging wrap-up, give us a link!

Writing Workspaces

Is your desktop a place of fastidious tidiness or do you prefer “creative disorder”? Either way, there’s probably a precedent in this list of 40 Inspiring Workspaces of the Famously Creative on Buzzfeed.

The World’s First Website

We know what it is. We know who created it and why. I’m currently reading a book called “Weaving the Web” about how the World Wide Web was developed by a programmer working off a CERN salary. Did you know that the greatest research facility in the world also funded the development of HTML? Neither did they at first! I recommend the website as a curiosity and the book as a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of this great thing we call the Web.

The Pattern of Stories

Are all the millions of stories we tell actually variations on basic archetypes? Kurt Vonnegut famously patterned some of the world’s most popular stories, and now a researcher named Matthew Jockers has taken up the torch, writing a computer program that he’s released for free to help identify and analyse basic story structures.

Mondegreens Demystified

Have you ever discovered that the way you sing a particular song is not actually the way the song goes? Does this disturb and unsettle you? You are not alone, and now science is helping to unravel why this happens, and who it is most likely to happen to. Mondegreens are not likely to go away, but understanding them might help with that feeling of unease when you discover that the Angels We Have Heard on High “come to worship” rather than “come in a warship.”

That’s all for today! What cool stuff have you been discovering?

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