The Best of Nanowrimo

We’re halfway through November! Huzzah! In case you’re running out of inspiration, or ways to procrastinate, here’s the best of the fan-made parodies and original songs on the subject of Nanowrimo.

Leading off, of course, by the ever-famous (or is it infamous?) Errol–the song by which is can be most frequently referred (YOU’RE THE WRIMO INDIVIDUAL GUY!) to the tune of “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” by Sir. Arthur Sullivan….”I am the Very Model of a Wrimo Individual!”


Taking second place is, of course, from the same people (is nanowrimo a small world or what?) the entirety of the Nanowrimo Musical. Yes, they made an entire musical. It’s AWESOME. You can watch it right here:


Did you watch it? No? Well, go do it! Don’t come back until it’s watched! And once you do, you can tell me what your favorite song is. Mine is “Neil Gaiman Tweeted Me” but that’s largely due to a very long and complicated story about the time that Neil Gaiman actually tweeted me!

So, speaking of webseries, there’s another one by another friend, one who, to the best of my knowledge, has never actually nanoed. Instead he is a professional author and filmmaker and chose (perhaps wisely) to avoid the chaos, and merely provide amusement for those of us who participate. His series is called “Month of the Novel” and has two seasons! You can watch them here:

These are obviously my personal favorites. Add to the list by sharing your own favorites! And if you still need procrastinatory activities after that then go created something Nano-ish yourself! There’s nothing like explaining to the world “why nanowrimo ruined my life” to make you realize how much you actually love it. Then get back to writing those words!

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