Come Write For Us–The Nano Edition

imagesNovember is coming! That wonderful, magical time when writers scramble to ooze 50,000 words onto paper in the too-brief span of only 30 days. Don’t know what Nano is? Don’t know if you like it? Don’t worry, your questions will soon be solved and your mind changed for you, because we’re having another event! However, it requires your help.

We want stories and blog posts about Nanowrimo. How did it help you become a writer? What are the ten reasons everyone should participate? What tricks and tips have you learned to survive it? If it’s about Nano, we want to hear it! Think of this as a productive means of procrastination.

I need at least eight posts, but no more than thirty. Slots are available on a first come, first serve basis so email me with your post (or a promised post), a brief bio and a headshot at If you’ve written for us before you still need to include the bio and headshot because we’ve probably lost it by now.

So get busy plotting, planning, and posting! Nano is coming!

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