Giveaway Winners

The time has come.

The time is now.

Our first prize is the indie authors must-read package including three books I consider essential tools of the craft. To refresh they are:

Write Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell (ebook)

One of the most revolutionary how-to-write books I’ve ever encountered, this is a comprehensive guide to ending the war between pansters and planners by proposing a method we’ve never thought of before–starting from the middle. This is a theme continued in the next prize…

Finding the Core of Your Story by Jordan Smith (ebook or print–winner’s choice)

James Scott Bell says to write your novel from the middle, but where is the middle? Jordan Smith’s book based on the old Hollywood system of writing loglines will help you peg you plot better than anyone else out there. Also an easy read in a fun and easy style.

On Writing by Stephen King (print book)

I have not actually read this book. But I have heard a lot about it, I have read excerpts from it, and one of these days I will eventually get around to it. What I have read I liked, and while his fiction may not be everyone’s cup of tea his writing advice is sound.

And the winner is….Kendra Ardneck! Kendra! I will need your email address and your mailing address, and I will also need you to let me know if you want Jordan Smith’s book in ebook format or print copy. I was originally going to offer an ecopy, but he volunteered to mail a print one so it’s up to you. If you already own any of these books and would like to gift them to someone else, then let me know that in the email too! Email me at before I leave for London or else!

And now for the second prize, because two prizes are twice as much fun as one.

The Ultimate Superhero E-Reading Package

1. Supervillain of the Day by Katie Lynn Daniels

Because I can’t run a giveaway without offering one of my own books. If you’ve already read/own Book 1:1 then you may choose any other SotD book in the series as your prize instead!

2. Shadow Play by Joel A. Parisi

Because we can’t run a giveaway without offering one of Joel’s books as well. Shadow Play is the first book is the SHRAID series, which is a spin-off of Supervillain of the Day, which is pretty awesome. If you already own/have read Shadow Play you may choose to gift your copy to someone else.

3. Even Villains Fall in Love by Liana Brooks

One of my personal favorites, but not necessarily to everyone’s taste. This book follows the antics of a reformed supervillain who married a superhero and settled down to have quadruplets.

4. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Imagine a world where everyone with superpowers is evil. Superheroes don’t exist, and so evil runs the universe. Now imagine it written by a master of fantasy instead of an upstart who has to resort to aliens to create a plot. That’s Steelheart. And it’s amazing.

5. $5 Comixology Gift Card.

Go read a comic book on us! You deserve it.

And the winner is….Marissa! Marissa, I need your email address and any customization choices! If you want to gift any books to a friend let me know that as well! Get in touch with me at no later than August 11 for your rewards!

And that’s it, everyone. Thanks for tuning in, and if you like the looks of any of those books feel free to pick up a copy on Amazon and help the authors out! Be back next week for some more awesome posts, courtesy of Joel who has no plan but will rise to the occasion.

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