Imagine This: The Schedule

Update: The official schedule can be found here, and will be continually updated as the month goes on.

Hey folks! This is the very first post on Vaguely Circular! Huzzah!

It’s exactly one week until Imagine This starts! (There’s a countdown in the sidebar in case you don’t believe me…have a look! –>) Since we’re getting so close I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at what’s to come. I don’t have a completely schedule, but I have on that’s about 80%. Bearing in mind that titles, authors, and slots are all still subject to change, here’s what you have to look forward to next month!

July 1—What is Imagination?–Katie Lynn Daniels
July 2–Ideas are Adventures—Elizabeth Grace Foley
July 3–Prompt Your Plot—Elizabeth Kirkwood
July 4–Think Outside the Box—Mirriam Neal
July 5Logan Rhodes

July 6—Interview with Coleman Luck—Aubrey Hansen
July 7—How to play with Fire—Rebekah Shafer
July 8—Creativity, Inc.—Jordan Smith
July 9–MacGyver Your Writing—Ryan Dunlap
July 10–The Science in Science Fiction—J. Grace Pennington
July 11–Mystify—Stephanie Hodgson
July 12—On Collaboration–‘Manda Whitney

July 13—Interview with Simon Morden—Katie Lynn Daniels
July 14–Why fantasy novels often fail, and how to avoid it—Alex Costello
July 15–Aesthetics of Technology—Leonid Korogodski
July 16—Reworking Clichés—Kendra Ardnek
July 17—Nonsense Fiction—Jesse Rice
July 18—Into Darkness—Jeremiah Stiles
July 19—Make it What you Like–Jordan Smith

July 20—Interview with Robert Mullin—Joel A. Parisi
July 21–Write Good Villains–Olivia C
July 22–Prophets of Science Fiction—Sarah Sanborn
July 23—You Must Be Dreaming—E. Kaiser Writes
July 24—Scheduled Creativity—Elizabeth Clemons
July 25Alex Costello
July 26—A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture—Matthew Sample II

July 27—Interview with a Mystery Guest—Katie Lynn Daniels
July 28–TBA
July 29–TBA
July 30–TBA
July 31–TBA

Pretty cool, huh? To be clear, we’ll be accepting regular guest submissions once the event is over, so if you know anyone you’d like to see interviewed or who you think would write an awesome post, be sure to let us know! And if you don’t already, you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for continual event updates! Set your clocks and gear up–Imagine This is almost here!

What are you looking forward to the most?

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